Is the Jewish Question the "shadow" of history? The willful ignorance of history and tension we have to resolve to grow? I wouldn't believe J. Peterson hasn't confronted this in his readings, I'm curious if his fans have faced this inner struggle.

Again, the idea that Jewish bolshevism was somehow propaganda is false. Despite the role of christians in the revolution, it is simply a fact that Jews were represented at rates of sometimes 20x+ their percentage in the population at the highest levels of the Communist governments. Case closed. The fact that atheistic Christians were involved is meaningless compared to this absolutely disproportionate (and disproportionately passionate, I might add- see Trotsky) involved of the Jewry in communist movements.

It's like saying "not all muslims!" It just rings absolutely hollow to anyone who understands how these things actually work.

The myth that Jewish bolshevism was all propaganda is easily debunkable just by a brief glance over the party/court/police/comittees in the early USSR, where you will find a preponderance of Jews in nearly every single authoritative branch of the Soviet government.

If you really need to know, read Solzhenitsyn's book 200 years together. For what it is, it is thorough. The level of betrayal and dishonesty isn't an easily documentable fact... but he does justice, well-considered justice, to the Jews and their story. It's a form of artistic sin, the crimes of the Jewish perpetrators can only be described adequately by a poet.

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