Jezebel: How Celebrities are Changing the Way We See Chronic Lyme

So I have a friend who has a rare autoimmune disease (totally substantiated, can't remember the name its like 20 letters long) that is unfortunately causing him to deteriorate. He's in his 30s, has had it for about 10 years. Lost all muscle. No strength or energy. Lots and lots of drugs. Crazy drugs. Winds up in the hospital for long periods of time during flare ups. HE believes he is immune from criticism. Yolanda is NOT like my friend, I can tell that by looking at her, she's mostly OK. She is not deteriorating, she is surviving. But if I were to compare them, isolating oneself for not feeling well will make you delusional. My friend doesn't think rules apply to him anymore and tends to say some awful shit (racist, sexist, mean..) He has very few friends left, if any. Despite the fact that he has a very bad prognosis, he still talks about having kids one day. Its horrifically sad and uncomfortable and I can see why some people wouldn't want to be around it often. Its really by the last thread of my compassion that I hang around and thats because I remember who he was and consider who he is basically a shell of that person, afflicted. Anyway, he talks just like Yolanda. The hazy timeline. The exaggerations (granted, he's in more pain than I could ever imagine being in but you can tell when someone is exaggerating. Its a story telling enhancer). The self veneration. Its these things that validate her symptoms to me. Basically the crazier she is, the more sense it makes to me that she's not well. Its not like say Brooks where he just looked... completely all together. I don't have the same laser focus on the illegitimacy as it pertains to Yolanda. And further, I don't attribute vast intelligence to Yolanda so I can see her being scammed by alt-heatlh fanatics. She has expendible money after all. Someone else here mentioned Avril. I didn't realize until a couple episodes ago at the "Lyme conference" how many celebs had Lyme disease. Its so rare! Could it be they are using their power of influence to have "chronic lyme" diagnosable for easier access to drugs? Sounds like a conspiracy I can get behind. ANYWAY... you don't have to respond if you're over this :) Thanks for entertaining this cerebral convo with me beyond "YOLANDA IS A BATSHIT CRAZY LIAR"

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