Jim Cornette responds to Austin Aries defending Dana Brooke: "Opening YOUR piehole again, turnip boy? Don't worry, you're an honorary woman along with dick spot guy, and I bet you'll get 5 new followers for defending her honor. #Twat"

It's insane how Cornette acts like he's defending the integrity of the business yet he'll spend so much time name-calling and insulting people's appearance

The guy literally made a living making fun of people.

The wrestling business full of making fun of people's appearances. It has been that way since...ever?

...(especially women, and especially Asian women on top of that) and other petty, childish bullshit.

This is mental gymnastics. The guy makes fun of every dumpy male wrestler with a shitty physique that gets brought up on his podcast. He literally does it every week. It's actually very rare for him to comment on a woman's appearance on his show unless they are small...in which, have you ever listened to him talk about Marko Stunt lol?

He's honestly done more to degrade and embarrass himself and the business than almost anyone else in recent years.

Its pretty embarrassing that you think Dana Brooke needs defending. Somebody who was a horrible wrestler who never got anywhere on talent. She got where she got because of what she looked like and then had a bunch of plastic surgery to alter her face because she felt that was the best way to keep making money.

Then she gets mad when people point it out and don't like it. Then she says to spread positivity while simultaneously insinuating that she'd assault somebody lol.

Yea, imagine thinking that shit needs defending and is a positive role model for ANYBODY

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