JK Rowling LOSES IT, Doubles Down on Transphobia With New Book

Boohoo. I'm calling it like it is. I feel for Americans. Just because I called you a big meany wheeny word, doesn't mean that I don't like Americans. Same when I'm calling out my black or gay friend. Not immediately racist or a homophobe. Though Americans, for the battle of social justice, throw out everything logically and go neck deep into segregation. It keeps getting worse and worse. Grow the fuck up for once. Take some self criticism you self centered pieces of entitled shit. Look at eachother as human beings instead of looking at the world on a black/ white level, literally even.

Government is fucking you fools in the ass and you moronic Americans look at eachother and go "I hate you" instead of "why the fuck am I being taken in the ass?"

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