JK Rowling’s spitting fire today

Dumbledore was always gay. This wasn't a surprise to anyone who read the books as an adult.

It’s not a surprise but it’s not mentioned or really hinted at in the original books. It comes across as pandering to say after the fact that Dumbledore was gay while the actual books avoided any potential controversy from depicting gay characters explicitly.

Basically she wants the “credit” for writing a gay character… without writing the character as gay and potentially facing a backlash due to the more homophobic societal attitudes at the time.

And the black Hermione thing was her defending a black actress who got cast as Hermione in a Harry Potter play.

She also said that Hermione’s skin colour was never specified, implying Hermione could have been black in the original story. Except Hermione’s skin colour is specified, unless “Hermione’s white face” was referring to her as someone with albinism. Or maybe she was wearing whiteface.

Again, Rowling wants the credit of writing a “diverse” story without having actually written that story.

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