[Job] Next Day Delivery - <0800 UTC 10DEC17>

"Hidden" Dragon sees the message by his fixer, contemplating for a moment about commenting about the relaxed speech The Secretariat was using currently, then small flashbacks occured to whom they still represent and thought otherwise.

"I's aint gots no issues wif playin' around in 'e small leagues, is a good time to train 'umility."

The Secretariat received HD's confirmation, scoffed at the idea of HD practicing humility, then returned towards the potential employer, the tone of their message as ice cold as ever

"Got a local asset here, got a potential to deliver in most situations, their beliefs about themselves is something I'll not disclose further. You will understand in the event of further contact what that statement means. The assets primary skill, primairly, is within their capacity of taking and giving blows that would incapacitate most and holding someones attention. "

(( Muscle/Wildcard, should not be taken for any stealth element, 0 games this month. Player Karma is 100+, Last Game: 19/11 -17, got Syndicate contacts but nothing I'd say counts as strong connections. No bad rep/High noto. ))

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