Job search while Autistic

One of my old co-workers/friends, who has autism and ADHD, was recently in the job market. We went to a restaurant to do a mock interview together. If you have someone close friends or family, try that.

Simple tips, they had issues moving their hands around while talking...Solution: sit on your hands. You’re probably under a table anyway, no one would notice.

We talked about how important it was to disclose the disability, if they were comfortable. Their disability was somewhat apparent, loud noises or laughter at random sometimes inappropriate times, mispronouncing words, talking at a rapid pace, limited eye contact. We found that when they disclosed his disabilities during interviews or initially they felt more at ease. Also, this didn’t leave the interviewing thinking “WTH is wrong with them?” Sad, I know but it’s the world we live in.

Also, turning a disability into an ability (Example: Due to ADHD I can work at a rapid pace and combined with Autism I can ensure accuracy of documentation).

We talked a lot about how their disability is with them everyday, might as well get used to it...and try to make it positive or at least work for them and not against them.

They also made copies of medical research as to what ADHD/Autism was in case the employer was unfamiliar with the symptoms. I don’t know from an HR standpoint if that was necessary. However, we felt it was beneficial to educate others on disabilities in the workplace if they were so inclined.

After a few interviews, THEY GOT A JOB! We probably talk once a week and they really seem to enjoy it! Good luck, don’t overthink it!

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