Jobless 30 year old heir: generating income before inheritance?

Maybe this is fake, but I’ll float the idea.

If I were you and had potential access to that kind of money, I’d create my own job. Ask your father for 100M. Take that money and turn it into a fund that is managed by 2-3 professionals that will have your best interests at heart. This will take time to even find and vet a team to trust.

At that point you will effectively be managing the people managing your money. Maybe designate 10% to a charitable cause then devote your time to traveling and teaming up with others that are interested in your cause. Then you’ll not only look smart and responsible to your family but the public will see you as a hero.

Boom problems solved. If I was that wealthy I’d start a foundation then use my money and power to travel the world meeting with high NW individuals, taking them to lunch, coffee and drinks to get them to support my cause. It would be quite fun for me.

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