Joe Biden says Bernie Sanders is lying about him wanting to cut Social Security. That's funny... Here's a tape of Joe bragging about how many times he's tried to cut Social Security. Sure would be a shame if a few million people saw this video.

Fuck that. I will vote for Bernie Sanders or nobody.

Ah, the benchmark of a privileged fool. Thanks for putting my family in harms way with your protest vote in 2016. Now I gotta hope my cousins don't end up dead due to Trump's war mongering & hope another draft doesn't occur because that will snap up most of the males in my generation of family members. Dead on your "my way or death" screeching.

I don't like Biden, I detest Biden, but I rather have the country in his hands rather than have Trump run it further into the ground only I have to potentially attend the funerals of my younger cousins because you can't be a bigger person and vote for the person who isn't 100% aligned to you. If the Bernie Busters cost us another election, then I can easily see the more leftist elements of the Democrat party getting primaries out of power because now we are enter 1992 ad nausem only the tables are flipped.

So in your own words, fuck you.

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