Joe Biden Sworn in as 46th President of the United States.

I know he is the President but because of what they did to Trump feel we should repay them with the same treatment. Will Sleepy Joe’s Heart, and Cognitive abilities last another 4 years ? Did anyone else find it infuriating to see how Dems where calling the Police Officers that where in the Building on January 6 Hero’s. ( All Police are Hero’s BTW) What happened to the police being all Racist and Wanting to kill all Black People, and how we should be defunding them ? How can anyone believe anything they say. When i brought this up in r/politics I was called a Simpleton and claim today “ It was different “ . Let’s Pray that The Senate doesn’t allow to many of there Crazy policies pass into Law. Looks like Keystone Pipeline may be the first Thing to go. What happened to his promise of not messing with Oil and Gas ?

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