Joe Biden won in every precinct that didn't have a paper trail in Texas. Including machines made by a company that used to be called Diebold who changed their name because they were caught up in voter fraud in 2004.

Lol wow. Real nice words. But since nobody wants to actually discuss the issues and I am getting downvoted to shit so I physically cannot respond to any of this for 10 minutes. I guess I gotta lay it all out.

You’re all correct. Biden is a bad nominee, but I’m not in control of the dnc and Biden mathematically like can’t lose at this point. So it is what it is. I’m voting for Biden because I cannot stand to live with 4 more years of Donald Trump. And Joe is a significantly better alternative than Don. I’m voting blue in November. I hope you do too. Because fuck me, that’s what Bernie would want. We are on the same team.

I wish everyone here a better 2020 than we’ve gotten so far.

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