JOE did an interesting video on the saying "Scouse, not English" that has been talked about a lot recently

"Silly brexit talking points". I mean it's an objective fact that has nothing to do with Brexit,

That's anything but an objective fact - the talking point in question has everything to do with Brexit: it's belched out predominantly by brexiteers.

I'm well aware that if you took every EU country out of the Europe (which is impossible) then Europe would be pretty shit. However, if the European Union dissolved Europe would still be here; France, Germany, Spain etc aren't just going to disappear into thin air if the EU ceased to be, Europe would live on which makes it a definitely different thing to "the EU"

However, since the E.U. hasn't ceased to be, this is irrelevant.

You're also calling me out for my "population geography", I'm well aware of Russia's Eurasian geography but the fact is most of its influence and wealth is in Europe

  1. Population geography doesn't need your scare quotes - it's a field;
  2. I didn't call you out just for that: I called you out for your "geography" as well;
  3. Russia has a GDP on par with Italy.

it's a European country

No, it's a European as well as Asian country which strenuously rejects European values. Russians, especially in the context of the Russian orthodox church, often mention the cultural and spiritual differences, especially in the wake of the Ukrainian War, and they are proud of those differences.

which is highlighted by your own little fact which states it has more of a European population than Germany

Russia as a country has more land area in Asia than it has in Europe. Russia in terms of its population west of the Urals isn't that much bigger than Germany. And it emphatically distances itself from European culture, politics and values at every turn.

If you're arguing that the highest populated country in Europe is inconsequential then you really have no right to call others idiots.

If your best shot at assembling an actual argument is going to be a straw man fallacy, you might as well go back to your day job and stay there.

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