Why Is Joe Rogan So Popular? -- "He understands men in America better than most people do. The rest of the country should start paying attention." [United States of America]

Got seriously ill a summer ago and basically listened to Joe Rogan's podcast for two and a half months from bed (had a cell phone app to keep me from going bonkers.) Came to the conclusion that he touches on some interesting subjects, but nothing in great detail or with great satisfaction. His own interjections and personal experiences aren't so concise or specific to whomever he's talking that it creates consistently great broadcasting magic. You get some great anecdotes and stories though. The podcast episodes with his former castmate David Foley should be required listening for any person who doesn't know how you can get fucked in child support cases. I mean, it's heart breaking stuff.

But I wouldn't say that Joe understands the modern American man any better than other podcaster (Mark Maron included.) Rogan tells dirty jokes, talks about stupid shit people do, MMA fights, boxing, hunting, LA "semi celeb" life, drugs and whatever else the guest's discussion brings up. Jeez. I wonder why guys are tuning in? If a new lifestyle blogger started a podcast that mentioned relationship tips, makeup tutorials and accessorizing essentials... wouldn't women tune in?

Oh. And if I'm ever sick again and Joey Diaz is anywhere within ear shot to tell me a rambling 10 minute story about how he bought smack from a one armed Puerto Rican lady... who fenced half the stolen refrigerators and appliances in Jersey. I will just blow my fucking brains out instead.

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