Joe Rogan suggested shooting pedophiles. This is my response (I was abused).

Lets all agree that molesting children is bad and we should reform those who break the law. Non-offending pedophiles should go to therapy and should be given support and not stigmatized, so long as they, you know, NOT RAPE KIDS.

Child porn should be illegal because it depicts the abuse of children (and the abusers often profit in money and attention)

I personally think Loli is okay since drawn art isn't not hurting anyone physically. Though some have countered that argument by saying it makes you more likely to become a pedophile or exhibit pedophilia desires. I'm not sure about that

As for like the child sex dolls and stuff like that. I mean I don't know. If it is proven to help pedophiles cope, than i guess that is okay. However, we don't exactly have a lot of data on that soooo....

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