John Cena

Program Name Email
Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO) Staff [email protected]
Accountancy (CPA) P. Balka [email protected]
Actuarial Science J. Adcock, D. Dawoud, A. Pfeifer-Hanov [email protected]
Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics D. Chang [email protected]
Bioinformatics L. Case [email protected]
BBA/BCS Double Degree D. Tompkins [email protected]
BBA/BMath Double Degree K. Freeland [email protected]
Wilfrid Laurier University A. Ellis [email protected]
Wilfrid Laurier University B. Ankucza [email protected]
Combinatorics & Optimization and Mathematical Optimization B. Guenin [email protected]
Computational Mathematics M. Pei [email protected]
Computational Mathematics P. Smith [email protected]
Computing and Financial Management J. Gray-Mcinnis [email protected]
Digital Hardware L. Case [email protected]
Exchange programs C. Honsberger [email protected]
Financial Analysis & Risk Management (FARM) P. Wood [email protected]
Health Informatics Option A. Beltaos [email protected]
Information Technology Management M. Liu [email protected]
Mathematics/Business P. Blake [email protected]
Mathematics/English Language for Academic Studies (ELAS) J. Reidt [email protected]
Mathematical Studies M. Akash [email protected]
Mathematical Studies D. Harmsworth [email protected]
Mathematical Studies S. New [email protected]
Mathematical Studies S. Speziale [email protected]
Mathematics/Teaching B. Ferguson [email protected]
Mathematics/Teaching C. Sedore [email protected]
Pure Math & Mathematical Finance R. Moraru [email protected]
Statistics J. Adcock [email protected]
Statistics D. Dawoud [email protected]
Statistics A. Pfeifer-Hanov [email protected]
Statistics R. Metzger [email protected]
Three-Year General D. Harmsworth [email protected]
Three-Year General P. Smith [email protected]
Co-op advisors D. Dawoud coopmath[email protected]
Co-op advisors E. Dupont [email protected]
Co-op advisors S. Speziale [email protected]
Internal transfers to Mathematics P. Smith [email protected]
Letter of permission P. Smith [email protected]
Math minors and joint honours for students in other faculties D. Wolczuk [email protected]
Non-degree and post-degree C. Donovan [email protected]
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