John Cena if you call Taiwan a country

how is it "whataboutism"? i didn't bring up anything, i wasn't even in this conversation. that other dude brought them up, you told him it's not the same, and i retorted "it's not the same but both suck" and then did your little NPC dialogue tree about how bad china is and then you even went on to do the thing i said you would do which is basically defend the fico credit score.

it's bullshit. also shut the fuck up i don't care about china or america, death to ameriKKKa and fuck the chinese government. literally not the point.

they both ultimately lead to a number which determines where you're allowed to live, where you're allowed to work, what you're allowed to buy, and ultimately even if just as a result of pure coincidence to who you end up being around with those restrictions imposed on you, who you end up meeting in your life.

both are bad. idk what you're arguing about.

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