John Eisenman case update: the 'Hero Dad' who was praised all over the media (including on this sub) for killing his daughter's sex trafficker is no hero.

So he's not "a guy who killed a sex trafficker", he's just "a guy who killed", aka a murderer.

I mean, the guy plying her with drugs, taking her to another city and then abandoning her there *is* potentially consistent with the narrative of him "selling her for drugs." The question is then raised, of course, of who he allegedly sold her to, and what happened to those individuals. (As she seemed perfectly free to call police, contact her father, and so on).

It's also possible, I guess, that the "sale" took place ahead of them driving out there, and he was still intending on coming back for her and carrying it out when his car getting stolen threw a monkey wrench into his plans.

So are we thinking he killed the boyfriend for some other reason and just made up the stuff about sex trafficking? Or the daughter lied and said he had trafficked her in order to get more sympathy from her dad?

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