John Higgins in 2010

I don't know why people love to bring this up every time Higgins is mentioned. As far as we're concerned, his agent got approached to fix matches and the video shows Higgins and his agent talking about it. Edited or unedited and whether Higgins actually felt threatened or not the only evidence we have access to is that video. The only wrongdoing we see from that video is Higgins' failure to report the meeting. He may have had the intention to fix a match but at no point in his career has he been proven to have fixed a match. He has already paid a fine and was banned for a short period of time for his failure to report it and giving the impression that he would breach betting rules. Regardless of whether you think his punishment was light or not, that was decided by World Snooker, he has been punished. Let it go. The man has already lost the respect of a lot of peers and fans. There is no need to bring up this stain on his career year after year especially when we the public don't know the full story or have access to the evidence.

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