John Ivison: The problem with Trudeau’s diverse cabinet: Rookie ministers make rookie mistakes

You people are once again, proving that this sub is full of short sighted simpletons.

To the anti-diversity circlejerk people - We've always had quotas you dumb motherfuckers, open a god damn history book. Trudeau just decided to go above and beyond the bare minimum (the old quotas meant you had to pick from a pool of candidates whereby the cabinet would reflect the provincial makeup of the country).

Hurr durr Trudeau only picked X because s/he was a _______ if we truly had a pure meritocracy, this wouldn't have happened! - This is where people set their narrative and then seek out a scenario that fits that narrative. If you actually looked at Trudeau's cabinet picks, many of them are pretty qualified. They may not have performed up to your liking but that's an independent issue. You can look over their qualifications on this website: Hint hint: Trudeau didn't pick a creationist to be a science minister. Just saying.

This thread is just full of a bunch of racists trying to pretend what Trudeau did is unprecedented so they can spread the idea that minorities are stealing jobs from perfectly qualified white people.

But you can't spread that narrative if somebody from Toronto points out that it's dumb.

Luckily, I'm from Toronto, your arguments are dumb.

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