John Tory appoints Scarborough councillor Jennifer McKelvie as deputy mayor

I don't know who you are and as I do donate to political campaigns I'd like to stay incognito but look around the Riding - it's not hard to find issues that need to be addressed. Just because nobody is in your face complaining it doesn't mean you're doing a good job. It could be that nobody bothers calling your office any more for all the good it does.

And there doesn't seem to much awareness of events in the riding either. Look at what happened to the beaches in riding during COVID. They were one of the few places people could go and the place was a zoo. Literally - thousands of people per day on those beaches yet no extra garbage containers were installed. No accomodation was made for the parking issues. I did not hear a peep from her about the situation. And there was no Lifeguard either. I spent one evening with the Pickering FD for somebody we thought had been swept away from Rouge Beach. And the Beach is not part of the city water quality testing program. The beach is run by the Feds now of course but I haven't heard a peep from her on how the people in our riding are getting shortchanged by them and the city there. This is not acceptable. How can the councillor for the area be that oblivious.

And look at our bike trails. Big chunks of the whole network in her riding were shut down this past year and last but I didn't hear a peep about it from her. It's a significant piece of our recreation infrastructure and she lets it sit unused. We cycle a lot and we've been parking at ROUGE GO and cycling out through Pickering and Ajax instead.

And what about the Horgan water treatment plant. That was an incredibly beautiful park space for folks to use and we did for decades but the city has now permanently closed the gates barring the public from the grounds.

And....the list is pretty long. People here talk and share complaints. I won't say she's in politics for herself more than her constituents; I don't know her that well, but she isn't touching people the way Ron Moeser did.

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