The Johnson Amendment

then I can only assume there is pretty overwhelming support from the public.

Disagree. Sometimes ridiculous things can be passed with a simple majority. See: Obamacare.

if a politician has an do not have the right to tell him that he is thinking incorrectly.

I have every right to tell him he is incorrect just as he has every right to tell me that he isn't. Are you suggesting that an opinion ("Earth is flat"), if forged in the crucible of his religious conviction, is somehow immune from being incorrect?

Nobody here is arguing for the imposition of religion​

Say, 51 members of Congress are Christians whose ​religious convictions disallow gay marriage because it is a sin and 49 are non religious who don't object to gay marriage.

Would Congress passing a bill to disallow gay marriage be an example of religious convictions of one religion being imposed on other people?

(I have to say, I'm enjoying this discussion. Even though we don't seem to agree much, I certainly appreciate a new perspective on things)

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