Jon Jones asserts innocence on test failures, wants No Contest verdict for DC's rematch overturned.

holy shit, is this sarcasm or are you being serious? The verdict isn’t really 100% out on all of this as there is only 1 study with TBol metabolites. I believe the pulsing effect was discovered with Clomid and the studies are done on Clomid because that is approved for human consumption and not with TBol because TBol is not approved for human consumption. That doesn’t mean it couldnt happen with TBol. That also means he could have taken TBol a long time ago actually cheating only to get caught when he might actually be clean. There are so many variables, what if’s, and there is a lack of scientific data to give a positive answer to what happened. USADA was able to test for contamination of supplements for every fighter that has tested positive from a tainted supplement except for Jones with the first time he popped for TBol. Jones had no defense in the case and couldn’t provide any supplement. That combined with his track record for reckless behavior, and the “dick pills” excuse has a lot of people thinking he is full of shit. I don’t believe the dick pills excuse. I personally think he got caught, and managed to get out with that excuse. He purchased the pills from a website that sells Clomid which he tested positive for. Everything about that is off.

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