Jordan Chariton: Kentucky AG's "investigation" into Breonna Taylor's murder is a cover up. As Breonna's BF's lawyer noted, A DOZEN witnesses said cops didn't identify themselves at her door—& the LONE WITNESS the AG cited as hearing cops identify themselves ORIGINALLY SAID COPS DIDN'T. THREAD:

This case should be studied on it how false information spread. I dont remember case where so many false facts were so routinely spread around.

no-knock warrant - while the officers had it as part of 5 places they planned to hit, her place was considered a soft target and so they did knock. A lot. To the extend that neighbors came out and the boyfriend got his gun ready. No one disputes the knocking. Announcing themselves is disputed.

They just shot her while she was sleeping - when no one was opening the door, police broke down the door, the first officer who entered was shot in the femoral artery by her current boyfriend. This officer and the others returned fire during which she was killed.

police were plain clothed - They were not.

they were at the wrong house - No, her off-again on-again boyfriend was a major drug dealer and the main target in the raid. Police claims he used her car and her apartment for packages. Her boyfriend who did the shooting thought it was this ex who was knocking.

police lied in affidavit about packages - the ex boyfriend confirmed in an interview that he did indeed sent packages to her address

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