Jose Reyes is the Mets’ nominee for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year award. It’s an MLBPA honor, with players voting for who they “most respect based on his leadership on the field and in the community.”

I mean, I'm kinda torn on this. On one hand, some people are treating Reyes as if the alleged abuse is a given fact. I've seen articles which cited "overwhelming evidence" that Reyes choked his wife and threw her through a glass door. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that Reyes abused her physically in some way, but considering that prosecutors had to drop the case just because his wife wasn't cooperating (if it really was overwhelming evidence, they'd be able to move forward without her), anyone who claims that they know exactly what happened is lying.

On the other hand, surely the Mets could've chosen any of the other 24 players on the roster who haven't been accused of throwing their wife through a glass door. But hey, what do I know...

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