Joseph Covino Jr: Spammer, Bad Author, Internet Troll and Harasser.

Backstory: I work at an area museum. I often look at the reviews for our museum, because I find it interesting to see what visitors are engaging with, and what people want to have changed. It's helped me make good suggestions for the institution in the past.

I noticed that there were several obviously fake accounts spamming the museum's review page with plugs for a book. They were all copy-pasted verbatim:

Legion of Honor features as a setting in the third of the crime suspense thriller novel series, FRANCESCO FERRARI MINES THE MISSION, A HOMAGE TO VERTIGO, which features in turn San Francisco's new iconic private detective for the times(not the dated Sam Spade past), FRANCESCO FERRARI. Search for it in Books at Amazon and use the "Look Inside" feature to sample excerpts.

I sent the attached email to an address I found for the Author, Joseph Covino, Jr. to let him know that someone was doing this, and that he was getting bad reviews on Amazon because of it. I assumed that it was something shady that his publisher or rep was doing without his knowledge.

Hello- Did you know that someone is spamming your book all over Facebook? These fake accounts keep posting the same text about your book on every review of the Legion of Honor. I haven't seen it other places, but it reflects very poorly on you and your book. If you are involved with this, I highly advise you to stop. If you aren't involved, then I'm glad that I was able to make you aware, and let you know that you should take steps with Facebook. It appears that the spamming has already led to negative reviews of your book on Amazon, which I'm sure you don't want.

It turns out that it is the autor himself, Joseph Covino, Jr. doing all the spam work. You can read his lovely response to me below:

Hello-- Did you know that recommending a book directly related and relevant to the setting contained in that book is not "spamming," but sharing? Did you know that the OVERWHELMING response from "reviewers" of those settings has been OVERWHELMINGLY positive and receptive with not only many "likes" but even comments of "thanks?!" Did you know that none of the accounts sharing the book are "fake?" Did you know that having no life and nothing better to do in the world but play Facebook policeman, stalking those shared comments in PUBLIC comments boxes like a troll, reflects poorly on your and your lack of a life?! If you are involved with this stalker-trolling, I highly advise you to stop, because you're wasting both your time and mine. I'm so glad that I was able to make you aware, and let you know that you should take steps with Facebook, to self-regulate your stalker-trolling. Besdies which, that lame-ass, bogus "negative review" at Amazon is a true abuse of the review feature, by some hypocritical fuck like yourself, whining about spamming, but then abusing a review feature for a punishing purpose, which I'm sure you don't want. And, finally, did you know: "Opinions are like ASS-HOLES! Everyone has one."--CLINT EASTWOOD AKA DIRTY HARRY, DEAD POOL(1988). SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO FUCK YOURSELF AND STOP STALKING ME AT MY EMAIL, YOU'RE BEING REPORTED TO GMAIL FOR ABUSE, AND YOU'RE PROMPTLY BLOCKED, ASS-HOLE!! GET A GRIP AND A GET A FUCKING LIFE!

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