Joseph "Crow" Fderovich

Name: Joseph "Crow" Fedorovich Hero Name: (Will be given) Hero Rank: Description: has a sick British accent and a majestic beard Age: 42 Gender: Male Race: %50 British %50 Russian Height: 6'3 (around 190 cm) Weight: 231 pounds (around 105 kg) Hair Color: black Eye Color: black Build: Lookin' good for a 40 year old. Sure, gotten a lil' chubby over the years but theres still some muscle left in there Clothing: black pants, black sport shoes, an old military vest under a sick red coat Backstory: You would think being the son of an English commander and a Russian specialist would be a privilege but in reality, it simply meant a life made out of pure horse crap. Given away to an orphanage at age 5 because mum and dad already had enough sticks up their butts, young Joseph was bullied and abused until he finally grew the nuts to run away and join the British military. He made his way up the ranks until he was taken an interest by his superiors and started getting down to special operations. Assassination, spying... you name it. He earned the nickname "crow" because of his freaky laugh. He was eventually thrown out because of discipline issues and became a mercenary until he discovered the hero association. Stats: Attribute Value Stam 5 Con 5 Str 7 Spd 5 Dex 5 Per 15 Will 8 Money: Drugs and alcohol don't leave that much left Weapons: his L119A3 sniper rifle "Kablooey", and his British heavyweight knife, Pokey Mc'Stabberson Miscellaneous Items: BOOOOOZE

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