Josh Norman in D.C.: ‘I Can Have It All Here’ its's just seahawks and redskins fans circlejerking about Scott McLoughlin...they have a way to go. Their qb is a question mark. He and the redskins embarrassed themselves essentially any time they faced an above .500 team. They got blown away in the playoffs at home by a low end playoff team. They don't have a plus position group except cornerback and tight end.They still need Safeties, linebackers, dline, DEPTH (the one everyone forgets), 2-3 more olineman...3/4 thru the season it was a typical skins season...people forgot already I guess. The rest of the nfc east shit the bed...having a complete inability to beat even slightly good teams is a red flag. What have the past few drafts by this regime produced? It's mostly hype about McLoughlin picking them. Breeland looked improved this year and sua cravens was my fav safety in the draft but other than that? Guys like Reed, Cousins, Kerrigan, Baker, Williams are from previous GM drafts. There aren't any clear cut stars or major contributors drafted in the past couple years (yet at least.)

Norman was a good pick up but corner backs are a completely subjective position, putting him on an average defense minimizes what he can do--even Darrelle Revis struggled on the Bucs. Not to mention a crazy contract that will hinder future contracts (people forget cap space rolls over to the next season so all the people writing it off as a "2 year deal" are just uninformed)

Calling them a deep playoff team as early as this season is going out on a limb..I'm sure everyone said the same thing about the panthers last season but thats simply because they weren't paying attention--theyve had an elite D the past 3-4 seasons and a frsnchise qb..went 12-4 in 13' and had catastrophic injuries in 14. There was plenty of evidence/foundation panthers would be good. Not to mention killing the draft like Mcloughlin has supposedly been doing.

I think the skins are headed in the right direction but it's a long process and they still have a lot of holes and development--the rams have been headed in the right direction took 4 seasons of the right direction for the panthers success t come to fruition..

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