JoshOG has deleted the VOD of him admitting he owns an equity interest in CSGOLotto

wesa was a big over-reaction to something that was barely a problem for most of the community. the only major problem people brought up was league exclusivity akin to CGS and that stuff with LOL or whatever, but that was debunked pretty damn quickly.

yeah, the fact that ESL has chairs could theoretically, keyword, be bad they are ultimately more experienced as handling the promotion/league management side of esports than actual team owners do. you cant just have a bunch of un-experienced idiots at the helm of a centralized promotion and player management organization, can you now. that could be very disasterous, and i doubt ESL/WESA are stupid enough to fuck everything up because the waters they are sailing in are already charted by the failures of others.

the big difference with this situation is that this sort of betting stuff is borderline illegal and the amount of dirty/scammy tactics surrounding this scandal specifically, and skin gambling as a whole, has been actually detrimental to the community on a large level.

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