Journal Entry #1: Cut off

These are the type of people that you shouldn’t be associated with to begin with. It sounds like some immature mean girl shit they’re doing. People you don’t want to be friends with, trust me.

Anyways, just wanted to say I’m here for more entries, whether happy or bad days; they all shape you as a person. You have people that love you in your life as you mentioned in another post. You have a girlfriend who loves you. (I’m in a long distance relationship too.) The things that stopped me from committing suicide were the people that loved me. Hell I didn’t want to leave behind my pug.

Overall, There’s so much to live for. We’re both young and have so much years ahead of us to shape us as a person. Hate yourself? Fuck it. Make effort to change to the person you’d want to be. I currently am trying, and that’s what matters.

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