Journalist goes to Joel Olsteen's church to prove it is not flooded and could be opened to help flood victims

You're wrong, thanks for letting us tell you. It was apparently a egoless feature on your part to beg for insight if you had it wrong, but it's transparent like Joel, to those with a buck fifty and some decades on them.

You'd bet we'd kiss a CEOs ass? You'd wager his air mattress summoning was a concerted effort?

Could I interest you in a reaching hand out to God, and his Holy Son, Jesus, your Lord and Savior, who died for your PR Twitter feed and tax deductible face lifts?

Get the fuck outta here and cut the shit , High horse Henry; he's a fucking con man, the effort was a reaction to bad pr, not a response to a natural (GOD MaDe!) Disaster within his parish.

Fuck him, fuck your so called altruistic good intent tact on devil's advocate to the douchbag snake oil salesmen's multimillion staff last minute purchase 9f some Chinese plastic with air in it, and fuck everybody who doesn't call shit shit, a spade a spade, up up, and down , down

Fuck mega church cunts, fuck the GOP and any other fuckstick mcretard who gets the poor and uneducated to vote against their own best interests, and fuck playing ego games of ponder and wonder over a cunt who has had eons to prove his faith, stewardship of lost sheep, soul, merit, and wisdom.

He's a cunty douchbag liar cheat. So, yep, you're fucking wrong, he's a dong, the worst kind, dressed in sheep's clothing , begging for grams last dollar, selling heaven via 12 installed payments to your Visa ending in 4723 for only $29.95.

Praise Jesus. Also, go fuck yourself and all the other humans playing Skyrim/sky cake for realz, hypocritical cuntbags who'd fuck you in a heartbeat if you didn't align with their ordained bullshit or skin color.

Let the god workshop folks and their con men snake oil salesmen of the south, drown . Fuck you Nascar nation Bible beaters and prosperity church folk. Climate change was preventable, but certain douchbags of greed and ignorance have fucked all life , so kiss my ass, this is bullshit, and again, you're Wrong

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