Was Joy Division truly finished with the album ‘Closer’?

Have you read Deborah Curtis' book Touching From a Distance? There's no mention there from his wife of a suicide attempt prior to the successful one in May 80. There's nothing of the sort in Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division either. And neither "Ceremony" or "In A Lonely Place" were ever "recorded" by Joy Division, by which I mean neither song made it to the actual recording studio for a proper session. The only "Ceremony" available from JD is the live version on "Still" and the rough take which, along with the only recorded instance of "In a Lonely Place", are both rehearsal recordings. There's no way they ever would have released those songs in such an embryonic stage. They were first released as part of the Heart and Soul box set, although bootlegs may have circulated which I was not aware of. At any rate, I'm sure Ian would much rather "Atmosphere" be his exit music than either of these.

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