[JPN] New Limit Breaks

Just adding what doesn't seem to be here yet...

Doffy gets 2 sailors, one I can't tell and the other is rcv and tnd matching for driven (perfect!), along with -3turn cd and 1 socket. LB abilities are antiheal(10 turns at max) and orb bind (at lvl 5 completely removes). +300 hp, +90atk, +35rcv

Vergo gets -3turn cd, 1 socket, +260hp, +110atk, +30rcv, 2 sailors: one of which is +300 is he's the last character to attack, the other I can't tell :/ LB abilities: initial special CD reduction (like colo kid), and critical chance

RR cobyv1: +200hp, +90atk, +65rcv, +1 slot, -2cd, psy matching for driven looks like, LB dmg reduction and critical

RR garpv1: +200hp, +100atk, +50rcv, +1 slot, -6cd, some sailor about +150 to a stat for str I think, LB antiheal and pinch heal

Colo Sadie: +250hp, +100atk, +50rcv, +2slot, -4cd, looks like all character status +50 and a sailor if your captain's a striker, LB orb bind remover and pinch heal

Colo G: +250hp, +100atk, +50rcv, +2slot, -7cd, keeps his orb if it's G..maybe?, and one other I def can't read. LB damage reduction and orb bind remover

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