JS told mom in 2005 MJ abused him, she danced in 2009 when MJ died. But JS also says he didn't recognize the abuse until 2013 after seeing Wade and talking to therapists. Your take?

Didn't he simply tell his mother in 2005 than MJ was not a good person without going into any further detail and she slowly got the inference? A lot of people are uncomfortable with anything about what they did in a sexual context being discussed and child sexual abuse of men hits a whole nother level of not wanting to talk about it. In 2005 he let his mother know simply that Jackson was not this wonderful person after all that he was actually bad without giving any details of how MJ was bad. James mother had a creepying awareness of what that might mean but it was not discussed in any detail or even explicitly stated as abuse. That's how I remember the movie?

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