Judge: "I accept he was consenting - what 15-year-old schoolboy would turn down such an attractive offer?"

In normal and civilized societies no one would bat on eye on a 15 year old having an intercourse, yet alone send people to jail for it, at least that stands for the vast majority of EU countries. Seems like an Anglo-Saxon thing where people just want to have less freedom over what they can do, slave mentality.

I don't understand some of you MGTOW, instead of arguing for lesser sentencing for men in these scenarios, you just normalize the control of state over what people do.

Some of you deviate from the issue what made MGTOW in the first place, you being clouded by your hatred of women and turning your thought process that is actually not only anti-man but anti-human.

Wasn't MGTOW about liberating people, telling the state they don't have control over what people do, that they don't input societal expectations onto men turning them to slaves.

Sounds to me you're all in favor of limiting your rights just because in this instance it's a woman. It's not for me to decide what other people have with one another as long as its consensual.

Do I think it's a good idea for a 15 year old to have sex? Probably not, but it's not for me to say and it's their choice if they want to. A 15 year old is not a child it's a teenager, and it's common sense when the age of consent is 16 in the UK and is applied to the UK law, it's not a black or white issue. Limiting people's rights in this line of thinking will just create more legislative measures like signing contracts every time you have sex or go outside.

MGTOW has been flooded by statists and it is sad. It's not a fucking rape because he's not a child and he was very well aware of what he was doing. You are turning your countries into over-regulated societies, which contradicts the MGTOW ideology of freedom.

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