Judge suspends debt relief program for farmers of color after conservative law firm, white farmers sue Biden

and the billionaires make up for it by jacking up the cost of everything. That’s just another indirect assault on the working and middle classes. The mega corps need to be broken up via antitrust laws and heavily penalized for outsourcing overseas. Trump’s trade war was nearly on the right track, but targeted the wrong people; the correct targets for regulators are Western corporations who use cheap labor overseas or import cheap foreign goods. Detroit was an economically healthy black city with a thriving automobile industry until US importers started retailing cheap Japanese cars.

Don’t just take their money, make it artificially unprofitable for them to NOT employ Americans. Voila, blacks and whites alike are gainfully employed. That’s why the 1950s were so prosperous—massive manufacturing base, no cheap foreign overseas labor yet available. American labor unions had far more leverage to lobby for better wages, since at that time there was no option for companies to escape to the third world in search of wage-slaves.

Rant concluded, that’s how I’d rein in corporate shitlords and lift up white and black alike. Handouts based on race are BS, bottom line.

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