Julian Assange : we have proof that the Clinton camp is rigging the election,we will release it soon

Thank you for coming here and discussing this with us.

As much as I support electoral reform (lifelong independent/third party voter here), it would be...injudicious for a Republican candidate on the campaign trail to announce their intention to undermine decent candidates within their own party. Many of these people burned bridges in order to honor the wishes of their constituents by backing Trump. Principled loyalty is a virtue.

There's also a fine line in terms of public perception between campaigning for electoral reform and making it look like you think you can't win under the current system. Trump has already gone where no establishment politician has gone before by breaking the unwritten rule that you don't talk about election fraud. He's gone on record saying that election fraud exists, is a problem, and that something needs to be done to stop it. He did this even though it opened him up to political attacks and ridicule by people who know full well that electoral fraud exists (Hillary's statistically inexplicable lead over Obama in machine-counted precincts in 2008 and Bernie Sanders in 2016). I would say that is a promising start. It's more than any other (R) or (D) has done. Putting the full weight of the presidency behind an honest elections initiative would be huge.

I think President Trump would be open to electoral reform after what he's experienced. He is open, truly open, to working across the aisle with people like Sheriff Clarke and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. He also said many nice things about Bernie Sanders despite Bernie's partisan hostility. He's not willing to back people just because they have a (R) or (D) next to their name, even though it costs him politically. Establishment Republicans are trying to cost him the election because he won't endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain.

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