Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, to be punished by DC establishment

Wouldn't post or even read /r/Ireland so yeah, go fuck yourself even suggesting that.

If this is just your sub and you can post whatever fucking stupid communist shit that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Ireland but you can get away with it because you run this sub and fuck everyone else, then really, yeah, go fuck yourself and fuck this sub too.

Ban me then you fucking communist hypocrite. Would be typical, shut down any and all who dare question you and your shit idealogy, fucking absolute hypocrite.

"oh look, here's another story about my rapist hero Julian, it has nothing to do with Ireland but as I'm banned from everywhere else and none of the communist subs are active because they're all fucking shit with their stupid failed fucked up idealogy, I'll post it to my private sub of /r/ROI instead".

Assange is a fucking scumbag rapist.

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