Julian Assange's paper *Conspiracy as Governance* where he lays out the conspiracies of regimes and how they control us. More true now than ever.

Well, we will have to hope a broad, decentralized AI can develop or steal premade morality such as Judea Pearl is working on. https://youtu.be/pEBI0vF45ic and


I share some of your fears. I have been fucked with by something at some points. Im not sure if its people, or a simple program like ELIZA which is discussed briefly in the documentary Hypernormalisation https://youtu.be/fh2cDKyFdyU which I treat like a religious text, rewatching often.

I would assume that both with a sunlight disinfectant system and with a blockchain participatory system, something like quantum encryption would be possible/vital.

It's wild thinking. I wouldn't enforce it on the world at gunpoint if i could. It was actually a joke originally, i was bemoaning corruption which, to my intoxicated perceptions, has swallowed us all. And I wanted to end with a joke. But I fell in love with the joke for a spell. I am told im way behind and others have advanced much further. Lets hope so.

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