Jungkook fame has gotten to his head

I think, far from being caught up in fame, he's trying too hard to have a normal, twenty-year-old's life. That seems to be something really eating into him going by his solo (My Time) and things he's said like JK of BTS is everything but Jeon Jungkook is insignificant.

I know coronavirus lockdown is getting to folks but these supercharged boy groups don't have all that much downtime and getting a beer or a pizza with friends probably seemed worth the gamble. For perspective, I'm in a country that has an actual stay at home order and my younger flatmate is subverting that by having house parties and inviting people living in the same building. It would be hypocritical to ask for apologies from him when other young people in SK were also up to similar stuff.

Plus, the company's PR probably dictates who apologizes when and about what. It would be really silly for him to apologize in Korea when a. The company released an apology statement already.

b. There is an actual major scandal (nth room) so that most Koreans won't think this a big deal

c. Koreans weren't following the stay at home themselves, otherwise the Itaewon outbreak wouldn't have happened.

d. All four companies are probably coordinating strategy and if BH makes JK apologise, the two who attended schedules (Eunwoo and Jaehyun) end up looking even worse and this makes things iffy between the companies.

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