juniper is mad because they got called out on self diagnosing themselves (side note: people assume you’re self diagnosing because you’ve admitted to it before... lol)

Ok, gonna blog for a second, but a year or so ago I honestly fell for the self diagnosis of autism craze. I thought I fit all the criteria. I had social issues, hyperfocused on certain things which lead to strong, eclectic interests, and I don't really read emotions that well.

I thought all my psychiatric issues were just effects of undiagnosed autism. So I talked to my psychiatrist about this (who I had been seeing for four years at that point), and he quickly brought me back to reality. I was just conveniently neglecting the other psychiatric issues that I had, like a long established history of impulsive behavior, black and white thinking, self harm, substance abuse, unstable relationships, all topped off with a very rocky upbringing... None of those are autism things.

So yeah, he thankfully informed me that I didn't have autism, and he never even thought that I fit the criteria (and let's be real, I had been seeing him for four years (now five) and he definitely would have noticed if I actually had it.). Given the character traits I unfortunately share with Juniper leads me to believe they sure don't have autism either.

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