Jurassic Park reaction to Kevin Durant's injury - NBA Finals

On behalf of all our fans, I just want to personally apologize to Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors for our disgusting behaviour in last nights game. It was inexcusable, and there’s just no other way around it. I am sorry. Toronto should be better than this, but last night we fell short of that and showed our ugly side. I really hope we never do again. We were so caught up with winning that we forgot, at the end of the day, these players are people too. KD might’ve potentially messed up his entire career, and we cheered? Fucked up man. I’m embarrassed, ashamed, sad, and disappointed. We might’ve just cost ourselves the championship. Nobody wants us to win anymore, and I can’t say I’m surprised. We kind of deserve it. I hope we learn from this, and become a better fan base.

I can’t imagine what KD and GSW must be going through right now. I’m wishing KD a speedy recovery. Keep ya head up and keeping fighting on.

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