just another exalted drop rant

don’t mind me, just another exalted drop rant, just smash that downvote button.

every league start for about 5 leagues now is the same for me, i get my first exalted orb far over level 90 and after about a full week of non stop farming like a mad man.

I get it, it’s rare and it’s a good thing, but why ggg still hasn’t implemented a bad luck protection for this is beyond me. we know there is none, this is poe. why ist he rng range so rediculous for exalted drops, where you can farm for a week and don’t get any and then you open new mbxtreme video, he got 2 exalted in one map yesterday, what a surprise. it’s like chris is sitting there and drops exalted manually for streamers, so the viewers get excited to get the juicy drops themselves! /s

this league it’s really hurting me, where it’s already so currency starved it’s not even funny, i am level 93 by now, farmed the crap out of everything and guess what, obviously no exalted drops so far and i won’t get any for another few days.

rant over. i know it’s rng, but there is healthy and working rng and then there is this.

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