Just approve the damn ARCOM/AAM bruh

Man I have few awards that I haven't even received yet since almost a year. If I really cared much I would have gone further with this bullshit. I am to the top with the US Army if you ask me.

I joined in the Army and I knew I had to be ready for a nightmare, hard times, and struggles, and more.

But bro, in garrison? Come on, most ppl at my unit are just doing nothing just doing tic tok that some of them are already 2million views in youtube.

My mind is ready to suffer something catastrophic, you know what I mean?

Not to being stabbed by your fucking people, the ones that should be supporting each other to make everything easy and successful but no. There's always someone trying to make something harder than it was.

I am not saying this happen in every unit, maybe I have a bad one, but I am not gonna test water to see if the situation improves.

You go to my 1SG office, there's females everywhere with their babies. Company looks like a damm daycare, and ask something to those girls, they look you like you like you mess their day..

I really don't know what the fucking is going on. Damm piece of shit of 1SG (married/kids) walks around the unit without tops, showing his disgusting belly bottom, man you been 21 years in the service gtf out and stop messing with fresh privates.

And the list keep going, and I am still counting my days in service as I was in basic, waiting to this shit be done ASAP. 167d and a wake up!

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