I was just assaulted by a good friend and I'm so upset and confused

I hope this doesn’t get lost in downvotes…

And before I go any further, what I am about to say only applies if you are under 21 and there is no age gap between you and your friend.

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Both the SA and finding out that the friend you valued had a different understanding of your friendship and a different agenda.

Please think long and hard about going to the police about it. I think your first instinct about not wanting to ruin his life was the right one, but there is a lot of noise here saying the opposite. He was a total idiot, and I really hope he learned an important lesson about consent and foreplay (ffs!!!), but if he is as young as I think he is, then it does sound like a mistake.

Also, it is a good idea to tell someone, either your parents, or your boyfriend or both. You have just lost a really good friend and that could be hard to deal with. And… if your boyfriend is the kind of person who would be ok with you hanging out with a male best friend, then he probably won’t beat him up. Particularly if you ask him not to.

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