Just because it's silly, doesn't mean it isn't a trigger.

I had a therapist 10 years ago, I was doing CBT for social anxiety.

He asked me what I'm afraid of, etc. I said I was afraid to speak for fear of saying something stupid and being laughed at.

He told me this big story of how he thought he sounded stupid too but after recording himself and playing it back, he found out it was actually all in his head! Didn't sound stupid at all!

That was his effing example. Ridiculous but anyway,

So he offered that we do a practice conversation. He asked where I lived and what kind of house, I answered and replied by asking him the same question. He said he lives "in a rancher". I didn't know what a rancher was, just correlated the word "ranch" with "farm".

So I asked him, OH do you have farm animals??

And he just started laughing his ass off.. LOL I fucking think back and laugh at it myself, not at what I had said but at the fact that he started laughing. Like what an ass hat lol. I hope you can look back at this too one day and laugh OP even though our situations were different.

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