Just bought the 21/1 Arcade1up

I had my 12 in 1 Atari cabinet for 8 days. I made sure to pull a box that showed no signs of wear or damage during shipping when I bought it. I had no parts issues, everything looked good on assembly. I immediately had the issue with sound synchronization on Centipede and Asteroids. The trackball and dial worked better after running the A-B-C-player1-player2 system test/calibration. I could have lived with it and had fun. I played the cabinet probably a couple of hours in total during my 8 days of ownership, mostly with the sound turned off for Centipede and Asteroids because the sound delay was screwing me up. I was prepared to live with it.

On day 2, I had already worn through the wrap on the control board next to the spinner dial and had a 'trench' forming around the right side of the dial. I took pictures and sent them to Arcade 1 Up over a week ago to get a replacement top and plexi cover. I only got a message saying that they were backed up and it may take a while to get a trouble ticket number. I haven't heard back from Arcade 1 Up as of this time and I'm not wasting any time trying to reach support by phone. It's nice that people have hours to dedicate to fixing these issues, I'm not one of them.

I continued to play for another 6 days and I was even prepared to accept that I was going to wear through my control board wrap. I played enough arcade games in the 70s and 80s to remember the condition some of those arcade cabinets were in so it didn't bother me too much. It wasn't a show stopper from my perspective as it showed that I was actually playing the games and having some fun.

Then yesterday after finishing a game of Centipede, the upper left screen starting flickering. My score, player ship count, and the top left 1/3 of the screen were flickering... not going out completely, but quickly dimming/brightening. I turned off the cabinet, reseated the connection, and tried again. It looked OK for a minute and then the flickering started again. I put the cabinet into test mode where it became obvious that one of the back-lights to the monitor was going out and causing the issue.

I didn't bother contacting support, I loaded the assembled cabinet into my car along with the box and packing materials and took it back to Frys.

I'm using the money returned to build my own cabinet and calling it a day. At least I know that I will actually play a game cabinet if I have one. For the most part I enjoyed my 8 days of Arcade 1 Up ownership but there are too many little things that make me believe that I would do better to just build the system myself.

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