Just bought a used 2015 Pro 12.9” for $280 on ebay. Not one scratch. This one will go to my mom because she deserves more than an iPad 2 in 2019.

go advertise your shitty shovelware drawing apps somewhere else

Seriously, people pay money for your chicken scratches?

u/ptrobot or anyone else want to actually learn how to draw and not support shovelware

This channel is good for learning both human anatomy and fundamentals taught in the classical method and most importantly, it emphasizes good habits will will build a solid foundation

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNPLX1hfy3Q8zr4eKvmhLGQ/videos but the videos can be long winded and its completely free


This channel is a little more accessible but he does keep some of his content behind paywalls, but his free content is pretty good too

this channel is decent as well


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