Just broke the news to my parents

I’m a 38 yr old half white half Native American female and I’ve been living with and adopted two dogs with a 30 year old Indian from South India. In secret.

His three older sisters all basically separated and it’s so chaotic with random people calling urging him to talk to his sister to get back together. His mom is always saying he isn’t enough - his dad says things about him being bald and not building them a new home in India.

I’m not religious, I’m spiritual and my bf is agnostic. He’s here in America living a very secretive life. I feel like there’s no way this relationship can work, but I’m not going to end it.

My parents love him and send gifts and thinks he’s great. His parents, his family- they don’t know I hear every call and know everything. I watched his sisters entire wedding live on YouTube.

I can’t even encourage him to tell his parents, because I don’t even want him to go through the emotional “I’ll kill myself” stuff they already do with his sisters.

I’m sorry it’s like this. I didn’t know, I found someone I love deeply and it’s so sad that there isn’t a possibility of us having a happy relationship.

I’m really proud of you and think they’ll come around.

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