Just called GS Customer Support... At least I got something.

[–]lnvaderGir [score hidden] a minute ago  What's the number for CS? And how did you go about talking to them about the whole survey thing? permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]J_Milli [score hidden] 2 minutes ago  Ya, the free shipping upgrade is great! I understand you were hoping for more, but look on the bright side I guess. I should have done my survey, not in hopes of getting anything else but just because the guy at my store was so patient and nice to us. I thought they were able to be submitted up to a week after but found out today it's only 3 days. Sorry to that guy. Do you know if you're able to modify shipping though? Or would that mess with my order? I currently have the free shipping which will come in ~1 week after release I believe permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]45721 [score hidden] 3 minutes ago  Can you elaborate a bit on what you told them? I called again stating I haven't been contacted over the 4/2 experience and that I was displeased with the way the launch was handled, but my CS guy just said there was nothing they could do. Asked for overnight shipping and he said they couldn't do that. :/ permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]Cee-Oh-Dee-Why [score hidden] 3 minutes ago  Lu and Robin will come in time. Patience my son.. permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]Isaccard [score hidden] 4 minutes ago  cool story permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]Iowgan [score hidden] 4 minutes ago  I thought employees weren't allowed to fill out surveys permalinksavereportgive goldreply

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Well, I did. I was a customer that day. I was on my day off and wanted to let someone at GS know of my experience trying to get the amiibo. I had no issues with the employees working since they were trying their best but I just wanted to see if something could be done about it.

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