jUST Change THE PartY FroM WItHiN

And foreign actors are using this place to try to get Trump re-elected. Gotta keep the hate-train going until November, right?

Fucking lol.

Couldn't be that the DNC disenfranchised a TON of people, many of whom post here. We were cheated out of the primary in 2016, then blamed when Trump won, despite the fact we overwhelmingly voted for Hillary, more of us voted for her than Hillary supporters voted for Obama.

We sat around, waited and shook our heads at Trump, because literally everything that happened under him we saw as the DNC's fault. They had a winner, and they conspired to put forward a loser and gamble with all of our future for their greed. During that 4 years, we continued to be slandered by the DNC and their goons.

And finally, the light at the end of the tunnel. A new primary season... And oh look, the DNC is conspiring again, flagrantly cheating and colluding with the mainstream media, using every dirty tactic they can. Again, they lie and slander our champions in a concerted effort to put forward another loser, once again gambling with our future on a candidate no one wanted as if they didn't learn a thing four years ago.

And you don't think a few of us might be anti-Democrat here? What reason do we have to be pro-Democrat? They've done everything in their power to repeatedly prove they are anti-us. They made the choice to give us Hillary. They made the choice to give us Biden, knowing he was more likely to lose, just like Hillary before him. Trump is their fault more than anyone else's, and so is everything that came after. Trump and GOP voters are a lion loose in a preschool. He's just doing what he do, even if the results are horrible. The humans who knew better and released that lion are the ones that are to blame.

And it's funny now, how as Biden's lead narrows, they make no effort to court progressives, but instead do everything to snub them, and preemptively blame them for Biden's impending loss. They've already backed off on even Public Option healthcare, and they've already backed off on going after fossil fuel subsidies... And this is BEFORE they have your vote. They think you're an idiot and won't notice, and to be honest, most Democrats are.

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